Q: Do all tickets give you access to the whole event?

A: Correct! A General Admission ticket or Reserved Seating ticket gives you access to the whole festival. You get soccer, music, WFFA, Teq Ball, Fishing, Thrill Rides and much more for the starting price of $99 per day. 

Q: Do I need to buy separate tickets for soccer and music?

A:No! 1 ticket will get you access to a whole day of fun activities starting at $99 per day 

Q: What’s the difference between Reserved Seating and General Admission?

A: Reserved seating gives you a seat to watch your favorite events + access to whole event. General admission gives you access to the whole event but with no seat. (You can still watch your favorite teams and artist perform with both tickets)

Q: What time does the festival start?

A: The festival opens its doors at 12:00PM and closes for the day at 11:00PM

Q: How long is the event?

A: The event occurs in the span of two days, 2nd & 3rd of July.

Q: When will the day 2 lineup be announced?

A: Announcement for 2 day will happen on April 19th! Stay Tuned 

Q: Can you camp at Daytona International Speedway?

A: Yes, camping is available for everyone to stay and enjoy both days of activities. 

Q: What time is the soccer game?

A: Soccer games are going to be played on Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 3pm AND 8pm

Q: How long is Rauw Alejandro’s Set? 

A: Rauw Alejandro will be performing a full set (90 minutes)

Q: Can I buy parking for the event?

A: Yes! Parking is available for purchase. You can Purchase them Here

Q: If I am a vendor or want to participate in this event, who do I contact?

A: Please contact info@daytonasoccerfest.com with your request and we will reach back to you at as soon as we can!

Q: Is this a family friendly event?

A: It sure is! We created this event for families to come enjoy the Fourth of July weekend at Daytona. See you there!